Madonna, Sex and Me (1992)

A recent 1986 diary tweet involved me and a group of mates trailing round newsagents in the snow trying to find Penthouse with Madonna on the cover prompted. It caused some interesting reactions including one about the Observer magazine’s exclusive preview of Madonna’s notorious ‘Sex’ book in 1992. I remember that too and so looked though my diary from the year to see what I wrote about it.

I was 19 and, after taking a year out, had been at University for a few weeks doing a Biology degree. I wasn’t really enjoying it and most of my diary is concerned with that so it’s not that interesting. But it does explain why there isn’t much about Radio One’s ‘Madonna Day’ that I had been looking forward to. So here’s what I wrote about it all….

Friday 25th September 1992
JPGDidn’t get up until 12:00 and then I only went to buy a newspaper because Madonna was flashing her tits on some catwalk. There wasn’t anything about it in the papers though. I went back to bed then and fell asleep. I have to say that I do feel a bit wibbly wobbly after last night.

Saturday 10th October 1992
Got up relatively early this morning after having a dream about Madonna being on Jonathan Ross and Dad videoing it on the wrong channel. The Erotica video was quite strange. I liked it but it had a very smutty feel about it. Tomorrow there are some pictures in the Observer so no doubt all the other papers will run some kind of exclusives too. I quite like spending all my money on Madonna again, even though I’m not as interested as I used to be. Every time she does something new it’s like a new start collecting stuff on somebody different. It’s hard for me to relate to the Madonna of now, with the Boy Toy who sang Into the Groove, they’re just like different people. I wonder what she thinks of those old days. One thing she never really talks about is her recent past.

Sunday 11th October 1992
obsThe pictures of Madonna in the Observer magazine were excellent. I think ‘Sex’ will be really good. I’m going into Newcastle on Wednesday to reserve my copy. I wonder when Madonna Day is on Radio One? I might skive a lecture or something if I can. Maybe that’s wrong, I don’t know. We’ll see anyway. I say all this stuff don’t I?

Monday 12th October 1992
The Madonna Day on Radio One is on Wednesday. That means I’ll have to skive off computers. Chemistry is already cancelled because of the Union AGM. I’ll make up some feeble excuse. I don’t think it’ll be that bad because I can go in any time to catch up. Also I’ll love the thrill it gives me when I skive. I need to go to Newcastle though to reserve my copy of the book and stuff. Such a busy life!

Tuesday 13th October 1992
Went in the evening to the Computers which we’re supposed to have done by tomorrow although I have decided that I am not going to do Computers tomorrow as it’s the Madonna interview on Radio One. I’m just hoping that my Super-Woofer will tape it OK.
I’m glad that I decided to skive Computers. It’s like taking a certain control over my life, like I had to make the decision to skive and consequently I’ll have to take the consequences. I don’t think it will matter ultimately because I’ll be able to go in the evening or whatever. I’m going to say that I was told all lectures etc. were cancelled for all of Wednesday rather than just the afternoon.

Wednesday 14th October 1992
The days pass so slowly here I just hate it. Let’s face it I’m not happy here. I’m not interested in the work. I feel I possibly could be if there was a way to personally expand my knowledge but I don’t feel that there is. It’s just crap. I am lost here really. In fact I know the only reason I am here is because I don’t know what else to do. It’s all taking so long. It’s not easy to make friends. I think I’ve been unfortunate in the way that things have turned out. The crap people who are living in the flat, i.e. the fucking Chinese or whatever they are. Intensely annoying.
Well I’ve started to write all those things and after a couple of glasses of wine it doesn’t seem all that bad. Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy I would have made more friends. I also think that maybe I’m taking the work far too seriously. Everybody says that the first year is just piss easy and well really I don’t know. No fucker explains what’s going on to us. It really is very very crap. I just wish I knew what would make me really happy. If I quit this and went home well then I just don’t know what I’d do.

Thursday 15th October 1992
VogueI’m in a much better mood today than I was yesterday although my cold is much worse (and I feel it will get even worse). I think it’s because I’ve been out and met people and not sat in on my own. Went to Newcastle today. The weather was absolutely shit, though I still managed to have a really good time. The first good thing was that I managed to get the American Vogue with Madonna on the cover. I didn’t think that I’d be able to get it at all. That gave me a massive thrill. Then I found Dillon’s really easily and reserved my copy of ‘Sex’. Went to Virgin and HMV too. Couldn’t get the Erotica 12” picture disc though. Probably next week when I go to get the book. It’s just so good. I really enjoyed myself.

Sunday 18th October 1992
For some reason I am in an amazingly good mood. I think maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to going home. I think my good mood may also be because I’ve been playing all the old Madonna albums all day. The songs just bring back so many memories of like, my entire life practically. I’ve been chuckling away to myself like mad.

Tuesday 20th October 1992
Tomorrow should prove to be a fun day when I get bollocked for missing Computers last week and then miss Chemistry because I went to Newcastle to get ‘Sex’. I haven’t really thought about the book too much, don’t suppose that I’ve had time really.

Wednesday 21st October 1992
Just finished watching the Jonathan Ross interview with Madonna. It has made me love her all over again. She was so witty and she seemed to really like Jonathan Ross and they laughed a lot. Very entertaining. He asked her some decent and interesting questions. I feel compelled to write a letter to him but I probably won’t. Also bought the book ‘Sex’ today. I absolutely love it. Although at first I was a little disappointed because some of the pictures were obscured. I love it all now. It was also interesting to hear from the interview Madonna’s thoughts and reasons about the book. No one had really asked her before why she had decided to do it. Also what has made me like the book is because it re-opened my sexual desire and consequently….

I’m not telling you that!