Friday 16th March 1990

Something absolutely massive and major happened today. I came home at dinner time because I had block release. I tried to use my school pass on the service bus and the bus driver took it off me. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t do anything straight away. I just sat down and thought what I could do to get it back. I thought the best plan was to ask for it back and eventually when I’d argued long enough he would show me the rules and regulations on the back and then I would snatch it off him. All the time I just kept thinking, “assert yourself! Don’t get off until you’ve got it from him. Don’t let him get away with it – be strong!” It sounds a bit stupid I know but I think it helped.

So when it came to my stop in the village I asked him for it back. He said I couldn’t have it. I asked why and he started telling me all about that it was for the school special only and that I couldn’t have it back. Every time he finished telling me that I couldn’t have it back I asked again, he said no, and I asked why. This went on for ages. It was quite lucky because there was a woman waiting to get on so he couldn’t drive off or anything. I was being a right little bastard and I must have got on his tits so much. Then this woman started to join in saying he should have given it to me. Then she said I should take his name and his number and go all the way to the depot and take it up with them there. I said I didn’t need to because he was going to give me it back and I was going to get off there. He started saying that if I was going to get off there then I’d better because he would take me all the way to the depot it was no skin off his nose.

I thought that I couldn’t be arsed going to the depot so I started to back down the steps. I must point out that it was a single decker but it was absolutely jam packed with people. Quite a few people who I knew. I don’t know their names but I did recognise them. Anyway, he still refused to give me my pass so I started to get off and was sort of halfway up and down the steps. At this point I was not off the bus. I was really cross because he was such a little Hitler and I had no power at all. So as I got off I said, “well I think you’re just a twat.” I could have used some much stronger words but I thought it was in my interests not to. He said, “well you can think what you like, I think you’re an idiot.” I said, “I don’t care what you think, you’ve just done even more to put the name of metro in the dirt.”

You’re not going to believe what happened next, I certainly couldn’t. He leapt out of the driver’s seat and started to try and push me off the bus. He was really rough and got me by the neck with his arm. I was really shocked, I said, “that’s assault, I could have you for that!” He said, “I’m not having you calling me a twat”, and here comes my favourite part of the whole story, I said, “I just did, and I will again, you twat!”

He still tried to push me off and I was saying get off, get off me. While all this was happening the bus was deadly silent as everybody watched and the handbrake was off so the bus began to move up the main street, it didn’t get very far, maybe 20ft or so. It was very dangerous though. At this point he got back in the driver’s seat and I had to jump off. I still can’t believe he actually did that. I really managed to keep my cool I thought. He thought he was so clever as well taking my bus pass. He was wearing dark glasses and he had awful shitty teeth.

I was shaking as I walked home and didn’t think that I’d dare tell Mum and Dad. The first person I had to tell was Vicky. She just sort of said that she was really glad that she wasn’t there. Everyone else from school that I told wished that they’d been there. I told Mum and Dad, they weren’t pleased that I’d called him a twat but they were on my side and that was really nice. Mum rang up the bus headquarters and explained what had happened. They’d said that he shouldn’t have taken my pass and definitely shouldn’t have tried to push me off the bus. They said that they’d get my pass back to me by Monday morning. Mum said that if it hadn’t come by Saturday she was going to ring up again. I am really surprised about the whole thing, anyway it was just the way things were going to go that weekend.

I felt strong after the incident with the bus driver. It sounds really stupid but it was right. It felt like it was the right thing to happen. Cathy said she was very proud of me for sticking up for justice. It’s definitely keeping the New Year’s resolution not to let people shit all over me.