Monday 25th December 1989 Christmas Day

To mark the return of 1983 diary, and because it’s Christmas, here’s my diary from Christmas Day 1989!

It is only 45 minutes into Christmas Day. I have just opened my presents from Cathy and Alistair. I didn’t really have the first idea about what they were but they were:-


I mean they were just so good! I mean everything about them is just so good. Alistair got me a little metal type tiny hip flask. In his note he said it was not to be associated with any alcoholic beverage (which is what I first thought of) but filled with patchouli oil. Bloody fucking ace. Then the next thing I just couldn’t think what it could be, but it was in fact two photograph albums to fill “only with pictures of me, him and Cathy having a good time.”

            Cathy got me a funny little brass thing which I think is from ID Aromatics. I think it’s to put incense in. For “2” there was a “2a” and “2b”. 2a was a little key so my guess for what 2b was, was correct. I thought it was going to be one of those strong hold boxes, but I couldn’t believe it when it was filled with packets of Orbit! So good! Then the last present was unbelievably good. It was a facecloth embroidered with the words ‘Jamie – friends forever love Cathy’. There was a little present that she had bought both me and Alistair so that must be it.

Well here I am in the middle of Christmas Day. Everything was really good until some ‘old’ family friends called Mary and Les turned up and Mary’s 163 year old mother. It’s so shit. I ducked out by saying I was going to the toilet. I couldn’t take it downstairs any longer. I rang Alistair earlier on, his Christmas seemed pretty normal, his mum talked to me for a bit. I think that she really likes me. Last night when I saw her I thanked her for doing all the washing up and clearing away on Friday. She seemed really pleased that I did. When they played the trick on Alistair (pretending that the dog had eaten our turkey on Friday) and he rang to tell me, I was really cool and was like – oh we can easily get another. His mum said that she thought I was a really good friend because I didn’t get mad.

            Anyway Mary and Mary’s mother and Les have come and totally ruined my Christmas Day. They’ve also upset Auntie C and Uncle R because they talked about Pudding, that’s Auntie C and Uncle R’s cat which got run over. I know they didn’t mean to do it but I wish they’d piss off back to where they came from. Hopefully they’ll go after Brookside and then Christmas Day will start again.

            I rang Cathy. I didn’t really get chance to talk to her. She said that they were leaving for Long Ashes in about half an hour. She’s going to ring me later when they get there. She sounded really upset because she doesn’t want to go. I wish she wasn’t going too. So does Alistair. We’re not going to see each other for ages. I won’t see Alistair until Wednesday at the earliest. Sometimes I feel that it is dangerous because we are all such good friends. That may sound silly but I think that we all get depressed when we’re not together. It’s because when we are together we are all so happy that when we are apart things feel really low. I really can’t wait until New Year’s Eve because it will be so good I’m sure. We’re all going to get totally rat arsed I bet. God that will be so good. I wish we could all go away somewhere for a long time with nobody else around, it would be so cool. We should definitely go on holiday sometime. I’d love that.

(11.00pm) Well Christmas Day was pretty shit. I mean can you believe it Mary and Les didn’t leave until 10.20pm when Nana and Grandad left. It turns out that the only reason why Mum invited them is because she wants Nana to be friends with Mary again. I mean for fucks sake.

            Cathy managed to ring me back. It was really nice. She didn’t talk much before because she was so upset that she to go to Long Ashes. Luckily she can come up tomorrow morning for a while. Her dad has to come in to Pickersgill you see. Mum seemed to think it was some big problem that Cathy came – because she wants to tidy up. We wouldn’t be in the way at all but Mum always has to find a problem in everything. I wish Alistair could come tomorrow too but Mum would go ape shit. I’m looking forward to seeing Cathy, we always seem to have a lot to talk about and I feel like I haven’t spoken to her for ages. I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

            I thought Christmas was going to be shit this year. It started off well but as soon as Mary etc. came it plummeted downhill. Let’s hope it rises tomorrow. I suppose today wasn’t all bad but it could have been a million times better. For a start it could have been at the Love Parade, or Love Shack, with Cathy and Alistair.

Christmas Present List 1989

Mum & Dad: Calculator, Madonna book, Malcolm McLaren tape, Madonna calendar, couple of singles, £40

Uncle R/Auntie C: £25

Nana & Grandad: £25, shower gel

Sean: ‘Sign of the Times’ video

Nikki & Mazz: £5 record token

Auntie Tina: £10

Auntie Joan: £5

Katie: ‘Cherish’ picture disc, chocolate digestives

Auntie Dorothy: £5

Auntie Cis: £5

Alistair: Patchouli flask, photo albums

Cathy: Incense holder, strong hold box, 30 Orbits, flannel

Sunday 3rd December 1989 (Dear Jessie:Deary me)

Diary CoverI was delighted to be asked my Sarah Lewis at My Eighties to choose my favourite five records from the eighties for her radio show. It’s not an easy task but after much anguish I told myself to not take it all so seriously and just have fun with it.

Which is why the 5th track I chose was Madonna’s Dear Jessie. As you can hear in the interview, I chose this as a kind of a joke to myself. It’s a fun pop song but it lacks the depth I thought it did when I was 16. Like A Prayer, with its patchouli scented inner-sleeve, remains a superb album but Dear Jessie is not its standout track, even if I thought it was at the time…

Saw the new Madonna video for Dear Jessie. It was much better than I expected. I think that they should have shown a little girl listening to the radio and being read a story and then going into dreamland. Madonna should have been in the video though. Doing it real with animation on or all real would have been real. With pink elephants and leprechauns and mermaids.

Oh I love the song so much. I don’t know, I feel really passionate about it. I feel all tingly as well when I hear it. All the words seem perfect and the music, it all seems so perfect. I’m so glad that they decided to release it as a single and I really hope that it gets to number one. Loads of people like it who normally don’t like Madonna so maybe it will.

I love that song with all my heart. It is the best song ever made from the best album ever made.

(Not) Quite.

Sunday 19th November 1989 (part 2)

Diary Cover

Some musings from a long Sunday night diary entry on how I might get some sex, and who with, and how other people are getting sex…


It’s really weird because I feel very horny these days. In a way I’m woman mad. I just really want sex. After hearing about Chrissie’s sexploits and then Wendy Calvert on Friday I’m just so interested in sex and everything. Wendy is so open I mean I wouldn’t really tell just anyone. I haven’t written about this before but Chrissie told Wendy about having sex and everything. She lost her virginity to Paulo the Spanish lad she met on holiday. She says he forced himself upon her and she was saying no, she didn’t want to do it. They used no contraception or anything so Chrissie thought she may be pregnant. Really it’s very bad she could have caught anything! She bonks Phil who she’s going out with now. She says sex has never been better. Really it’s awful. Wendy Calvert lost her virginity when she was going out with Dan Spence. I think she was in the 4th year. She says she thought “so what? Gee bloody wiz. If that’s what it’s like you can stuff it”. It’s so weird.

I reckon that if I go out with Carla Long I’ll lose my virginity with her. I just have this feeling and I’m pretty sure that if I do go out with her we’ll end up bonking easily. Mind you I don’t know where we’d do it. I think Carla rang me while I was out at work. Dad said I was working and the girl asked where I worked. It can’t be anybody I know because they all know where I work.

We put our photos of Buckden House up in the 6th Form Centre on Thursday. On Friday morning one of me had been ripped off! You could tell that it had been ripped off and not just fallen off. It was the really good one where I’m holding the bottle of milk and laughing. I reckon it was Carla because it was the 4th and 5th year disco on Thursday night. I asked her friend but she reckoned Carla wouldn’t have taken it. I still think it was her though. I think tomorrow I’ll go see Carla and ask if she did take the photo and if she did phone me up. I don’t know whether I want to go out with her or not. I don’t know if I have time you see. However it is a bit of an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Sunday 19th November 1989

Diary Cover

The day after the party. I worked for some outside caterers and fell in love a bit.


Working today was really good. On the way though I saw Hannah. We were talking about the party. She said James was going mental trying to keep the place tidy and everything. By the sounds of it TJ got drunk. Hannah said she was very embarrassing, really flirting with Simon Martin and it was so transparent. She was also chucking peanuts everywhere. I can’t remember anything about TJ but Cathy had said that she really didn’t like her. Hannah was sound, at the party she was the only one who made any attempt to speak to us.

Well today at work we did an old bid’s birthday party. It was really good because the people had a cleaner who did all the washing up for us. It was only for about 30 but still it was really good that we didn’t have to do that. I mean the work wasn’t very hard at all. There was a really horny girl there who looks like Sammy Rogers from Brookside. She was really nice and we got talking very easily. It was really strange because I wasn’t sure whether she was my age or 25! She said she couldn’t believe that I was 16 too. She was really nice and she was definitely sharking after me. Emma S said that she thought she fancied me. She was called Rosie. I never got her second name. She kept following me, well not like that, but she kept coming to sit in the rooms where I was working. I was so surprised because never before has something like that happened to me. It certainly boosts your ego. I mean it’s not going to make me think I’m God’s gift or anything but she was very horny and interested in me. I didn’t put an act on or anything I was just myself and I’m sure she really liked me. One funny thing was though, we got talking about whether I liked my job and I was saying about getting tips and that. Anyway it was funny because usually nobody thinks about tipping. Anyway I was given a £5 tip from the people! Maybe she whispered in their ear. Who knows.

How different if this had happened in 2017 instead of 1989. I’m sure Rosie and I would have been following each other on Instagram and sharing intimate photos on Snap Chat before the Sunday Top 40 had finished!!

Saturday 18th November 1989

Diary Cover

Here’s a diary extract from the end of 1989, I was 16½ and in the first year of A-Levels.


I went into Leeds with Alistair. We went to ID Aromatics. I bought some incense and tried to buy some Liquid Gold. That’s a drug you sniff and it gives you a real buzz for about 30 seconds. We both really wanted some so that we could get high at James’s. The woman in the shop said they didn’t sell it and she felt insulted that people think they do. She said I should be able to get it easily in gay clubs and sex shops. I couldn’t believe it I was so embarrassed. Then she said that she strongly advised me not to use it because it is very dangerous and totally shuts down the immune system. She was really nice but it has put me off using anything like that because you really don’t know what it will do to you. Alistair and I decided that we would pretend we had some at James’s party – more of that later.

Also when we were in Leeds we saw a man get arrested in Virgin for trying to nick some records or something. The security guard had to restrain the man. It was totally unreal. There were crowds of people watching. Then they got someone to get his legs so that they could take him down the stairs. His wife and kids started shouting, “Leave him alone you bastards! Fucking put him down!” It was awful. I mean I know I shouldn’t be snobby but it was very common and working class. Honestly it was like something you only see on the television.

James’s party was unreal too. We arrived at 7.45 and everybody else had already arrived and they were watching the video. Alistair and I went into a different room to get pissed. I had a can of this Special Brew stuff that Alistair had got. I couldn’t believe how strong it was. I only had one can of that and about half a bottle of Thunderbird, or maybe I had the full bottle I don’t know. It was so funny we were smacked out of our heads. Really I could barely walk. We lit joss sticks and a candle and stuff. Then Cathy arrived and she got pissed too. We were having a brilliant time and then they all stopped watching the video and came to see what we were up to. I was totally out of it and can’t really remember much of what happened except I was laughing at everything. We were dancing to my tape of Love Shack. Then James sort of asked us to go so we did.

We went to the graveyard and I was sick. It was horrible. Then I thought we’d better get back to James’s so I could have a glass of water. I puked then as well and I can’t remember what everybody else was saying and stuff. We eventually got to the Middle School with me puking on and off. Then I felt OK. We walked to the top of the village and all the way we sang songs about Tasha! Then I was sick again and then I really did feel fine and we played charades! God it was so funny! Because we were all so pissed we just got on really well. It was brilliant!

By the time we got home it was 1.45 in the morning. We walked back to the graveyard you see because I’d left a bag there that had my incense and stuff in it. God it was brilliant though. Even though I was sick.