Buy my Diaries

For Christmas 1983, when I was 10, my Nana bought me a tiny Grange Hill diary with a space measuring approximately 1″ by 3″ for each date. I started writing it that day and pretty much kept it up for three years…

Diary first ever

Then I’ve been tweeting daily extracts since December 2015 and have discovered other people who’ve done the same. Something I really wished was that their whole diary was available to read, so that’s what I’ve done with mine. Typed, edited for spelling an grammar, and made into books you can get them from Amazon via my author page in paper back or kindle.


Alternatively you can order these from me directly and, if you like, I’ll sign it for you. The links below will take you to PayPal where you can complete payment. Please make sure you add a note with your address and any other instructions, then I’ll just pop one in the post to you! What could be easier?

1984 Diary £5,
1985 Diary £5.50,
1986 Diary £6.00 or
The Complete Works £12.00

1984 £8.00,
1985 £8.00,
1986 £9.50,
The Complete Works £16.00

Rest of the World
1984 £9.00,
1985 £9.00,
1986 £12.00,
The Complete Works £20.00

Thank you!

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