Monday 25th December 1989 Christmas Day

To mark the return of 1983 diary, and because it’s Christmas, here’s my diary from Christmas Day 1989!

It is only 45 minutes into Christmas Day. I have just opened my presents from Cathy and Alistair. I didn’t really have the first idea about what they were but they were:-


I mean they were just so good! I mean everything about them is just so good. Alistair got me a little metal type tiny hip flask. In his note he said it was not to be associated with any alcoholic beverage (which is what I first thought of) but filled with patchouli oil. Bloody fucking ace. Then the next thing I just couldn’t think what it could be, but it was in fact two photograph albums to fill “only with pictures of me, him and Cathy having a good time.”

            Cathy got me a funny little brass thing which I think is from ID Aromatics. I think it’s to put incense in. For “2” there was a “2a” and “2b”. 2a was a little key so my guess for what 2b was, was correct. I thought it was going to be one of those strong hold boxes, but I couldn’t believe it when it was filled with packets of Orbit! So good! Then the last present was unbelievably good. It was a facecloth embroidered with the words ‘Jamie – friends forever love Cathy’. There was a little present that she had bought both me and Alistair so that must be it.

Well here I am in the middle of Christmas Day. Everything was really good until some ‘old’ family friends called Mary and Les turned up and Mary’s 163 year old mother. It’s so shit. I ducked out by saying I was going to the toilet. I couldn’t take it downstairs any longer. I rang Alistair earlier on, his Christmas seemed pretty normal, his mum talked to me for a bit. I think that she really likes me. Last night when I saw her I thanked her for doing all the washing up and clearing away on Friday. She seemed really pleased that I did. When they played the trick on Alistair (pretending that the dog had eaten our turkey on Friday) and he rang to tell me, I was really cool and was like – oh we can easily get another. His mum said that she thought I was a really good friend because I didn’t get mad.

            Anyway Mary and Mary’s mother and Les have come and totally ruined my Christmas Day. They’ve also upset Auntie C and Uncle R because they talked about Pudding, that’s Auntie C and Uncle R’s cat which got run over. I know they didn’t mean to do it but I wish they’d piss off back to where they came from. Hopefully they’ll go after Brookside and then Christmas Day will start again.

            I rang Cathy. I didn’t really get chance to talk to her. She said that they were leaving for Long Ashes in about half an hour. She’s going to ring me later when they get there. She sounded really upset because she doesn’t want to go. I wish she wasn’t going too. So does Alistair. We’re not going to see each other for ages. I won’t see Alistair until Wednesday at the earliest. Sometimes I feel that it is dangerous because we are all such good friends. That may sound silly but I think that we all get depressed when we’re not together. It’s because when we are together we are all so happy that when we are apart things feel really low. I really can’t wait until New Year’s Eve because it will be so good I’m sure. We’re all going to get totally rat arsed I bet. God that will be so good. I wish we could all go away somewhere for a long time with nobody else around, it would be so cool. We should definitely go on holiday sometime. I’d love that.

(11.00pm) Well Christmas Day was pretty shit. I mean can you believe it Mary and Les didn’t leave until 10.20pm when Nana and Grandad left. It turns out that the only reason why Mum invited them is because she wants Nana to be friends with Mary again. I mean for fucks sake.

            Cathy managed to ring me back. It was really nice. She didn’t talk much before because she was so upset that she to go to Long Ashes. Luckily she can come up tomorrow morning for a while. Her dad has to come in to Pickersgill you see. Mum seemed to think it was some big problem that Cathy came – because she wants to tidy up. We wouldn’t be in the way at all but Mum always has to find a problem in everything. I wish Alistair could come tomorrow too but Mum would go ape shit. I’m looking forward to seeing Cathy, we always seem to have a lot to talk about and I feel like I haven’t spoken to her for ages. I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

            I thought Christmas was going to be shit this year. It started off well but as soon as Mary etc. came it plummeted downhill. Let’s hope it rises tomorrow. I suppose today wasn’t all bad but it could have been a million times better. For a start it could have been at the Love Parade, or Love Shack, with Cathy and Alistair.

Christmas Present List 1989

Mum & Dad: Calculator, Madonna book, Malcolm McLaren tape, Madonna calendar, couple of singles, £40

Uncle R/Auntie C: £25

Nana & Grandad: £25, shower gel

Sean: ‘Sign of the Times’ video

Nikki & Mazz: £5 record token

Auntie Tina: £10

Auntie Joan: £5

Katie: ‘Cherish’ picture disc, chocolate digestives

Auntie Dorothy: £5

Auntie Cis: £5

Alistair: Patchouli flask, photo albums

Cathy: Incense holder, strong hold box, 30 Orbits, flannel

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