Let’s party like it’s 1985!

Book 1985 (Actual)I thought about waiting for Black Friday but I can’t wait, I’m far too impatient, so the full version of my 1985 Diary is out now!!

It’s been independently published which means I can do just what I like with it and don’t have to edit it under someone else’s instruction. It’s been a labour of love and a “right laugh” adding in the illustrations and thinking how best to present it. I’ve even created my own author’s page on Amazon – which feels like one of the most bizarre things I could do – me? On Amazon? Seriously? Hilarious!

It’s all just for fun, I’m only doing this for the laughs and because I love it. I love it that I’ve turned my diaries into books that are now preserved; I love it that the diaries and the pre-teen-me make other people laugh; love it that it brings back happy memories for people and most of all I love it that others share their past and their diaries as well. It’s mega! So thank you to Paul, Sarah, Bronagh and Tess – love you guys!

Book 1984 (Actual)I’m on with 1986 now so that I can continue with the tweets and hopefully this time next year publish that too. I kept much more “memorabilia” from that year including my own x-rated hand-written version of “Forever”… All good things to those who wait!

I know some people like something that little bit special so if you’re in the UK you can order a dedicated and signed copy of 1985 via the link
PayPal.Me/JamieDays/8 and 1984 via PayPal.Me/JamieDays/7. If you’re not in the UK let me know and I’ll sort out what the delivery cost would be and send you a link.

In the mean time, here’s a photo…

This is what a selfie looked like in 1984 when taken with a 110 camera.


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